Ebonoir Pugs - We are Kennel Club Pug Breeders based in North Lincolnshire
Pug History
It is not certain where the Pug breed originated from but most people believe that they descended from Mastiff breeds in Ancient China.
In the 1500's they arrived in Holland when the Dutch East India Company played an important role in trade with the Orient and they were seen as precious cargo.  It is reported that a Pug saved the life of the Dutch Prince William the Silent around 1572 when his ship came under attack from the Spanish troops.  The Pug heard the noise of the attacking troops and lept onto the face of the Prince and alerted him to the attack by crying and licking his face.  After this Pugs became very popular in the Dutch Court.
William of Orange who was the grandson of William the Silent is believed to have been one of the first people to bring Pugs to England when he married his wife Mary in 1688 and took the English throne.
Pugs became very popular in England after and were the choice of the aristocracy and wealthy ladies of the time who kept them as companion dogs.
Pugs were normally of fawn colour only around this time and any black Pugs were considered mutations and destroyed at birth.  Black Pugs became acceptable in the late 1700's and became popular in the 1800's when Queen Victoria became a fan and the owner of a black Pug.
The popularity of the dog wained in the early part of the 20th Century but they are now firmly back in demand and are the dog of choice by not just the rich and famous but also many families who want a fun loving, friendly and loyal companion.
Pugs normally weigh around 14-18 pounds and stand about 12-14 inches at the shoulder.  They do like to go out but do not require a great deal of exercise thus making them the ideal pet for many. 
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